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Dan Behrman leads the “Taxation Is Theft” movement and has a website that he runs from Cancún, Mexico. He calls for eliminating the Internal Revenue Service, ending the Federal Reserve and legalizing pineapple pizza.

His platform? “Any person should be free to live their life however they prefer, so long as they don’t hurt others and don’t take their stuff.” Among other issues, Behrman’s campaign calls for ending the Fed, free healthcare and education.

Behrman would significantly reduce the size and scope of the government, roll back all income tax, close the Federal Reserve and IRS, end daylight savings time, and massively cull the criminal justice system.

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We are not government property.

About Dan

Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman is an international speaker, promoting the ideas that Taxation Is Theft, that individual freedom is paramount to the government, and that we are not government property. He is the founder of the Taxation Is Theft Shop, and host of Taxation Is Theft Podcast.

Dan was born in Los Angeles, California and worked successfully as a video producer and editor for commercial and non-profit organizations and celebrities. He is also a software engineer who has worked with multi-million dollar, international startups and Fortune 500 companies. In his career he has never found a problem too big to solve, recognizing that the best solution is often the simplest.

Dan has dedicated a lot of time to many non-profit organizations. He has supported the Libertarian Party and dozens of their candidates with training and resources. He has also worked with the Sea Save Foundation, a Santa Monica, CA based international ocean conservation organization. Currently, he is supporting Students for Liberty Uganda and many other African freedom based initiatives, with resources and guidance.

He is a supporter of free markets, individual rights, environmental and social issues, and has delivered this message to 6 continents, empowering people in some of the world's most impoverished nations.

As a digital nomad, he is currently running his presidential campaign from Cancun, Mexico. As president, he seeks to transform the federal government into one that interacts with its citizens on a purely voluntary basis, so that we can be free from the coercive nature of abusive taxation and regulations.

He is running for president because he believes no other United States president or presidential candidate has ever understood that the government belongs to people, and we are not government property. The purpose of government is to protect our rights, not to force us to live our lives in any particular way that a simple majority has deemed preferable. Any person should be free to live their life however they prefer, so long as they don't hurt others and don't take their stuff.

Taxation Is Theft

Taking property or money from a person without their consent or knowledge is theft. Taxes are taken without consent, by threat of imprisonment. This is not a civilized way to pay for society.

Fire The IRS

The first place to end government corruption is ending the illegal collection practices performed by the IRS.

End The Fed

Through inflation, the Fed steals more from your savings without your knowledge. It's more theft. Their existence is based on the premise that they lend money to the government, but this is a lie - a game of three-card monte.

Erase The Debt

The government has made promises and borrowed money in our name. This debt is absolutely unpayable, which is fine with the banks. They make money off debt and if the debt is unpayable, they have a never-ending source of income. But this is not OUR debt, and we have no obligation to pay.

Free(v) Healthcare

Instead of figuring out ways to pay extortive healthcare costs with socialized payments, we fix the problem lowering the costs, allowing new medications to reach the market and breaking up big pharma's monopolies.
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Free(v) Education

We have been told that higher education is the only way to succeed, but this usually puts students in a place of unbearable college debt and a diploma that won't get them a job. Banks partner with government to give loans with special laws preventing them from ever being forgiven, knowing that it inflates the market. We need to completely rethink higher education.

Legalize Pineapple Pizza

Nobody has the right to tell us what we can or can not put in our own bodies, especially when it harms nobody.
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End Civil Asset Forfeiture

This is a program that allows government to steal property from Americans without any due process. It's another extortion racket operated by those who are paid to protect us.

End The Drug War

The war on drugs has failed to reduce the usage of any drugs, but has caused an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering to innocent bystanders, and has cost over $1 trillion.

Pardon The Innocent

Millions of innocent people sit in jail for non-violent offenses. They are costing us money and have caused no actual harm to society. A full pardon would return them to a productive life, able to get a job, and reduce the burden on the criminal justice system. If congress refuses to change the drug laws, this would render them ineffective.

End Daylight Savings

Nobody likes this. It's an outdated practice that serves no purpose in the modern world. Many countries have already stopped using it.

9th & 10th Amendments

Knowing that men would eventually write laws to trample rights that were not explicitly written in the constitution, the founders added the 9th and 10th amendments as a final attempt to stop government from growing beyond its intended purpose.

Bring Them Home

All of the rhetoric about supporting the troops is a distraction to the fact that the only real way to support them is to bring them home from endless, unproductive, unconstitutional, illegal, national buildings ventures.

End Homelessness

This doesn't take taxpayer subsidies and doesn't need to cost anything. All it takes is to stop robbing the poor of their opportunities.

World Peace

We are at war. If we truly want to end it, we have to be bigger than to continue the fighting. We are not at risk and have nothing to fear. It's time we stop fighting and start setting an example for the rest of the world.

A Taco Truck on Every Corner

Small businesses are being destroyed by restrictive license requirements, usually put in place by bigger businesses who are afraid of competition. This practice infringes on people's rights and increases the cost of living.

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