No ifs or buts - we need to end the drug war now. Many drugs need to be completely unscheduled, and the DEA needs to be disbanded. The drug war has been a complete failure, that has destroyed more lives than the drugs it claims to protect us from. We already know from real-world examples that a quick end to the drug war will be good for everyone.

US Government holds patent #6630507 even though theDEA classifies cannabis as Schedule 1 “No medical use.”

Cannabis proven effective against diseases & symptoms including: muscle spasms, Chrons Disease, Seizures, Nausea, HIV / AIDS, Alzheimers, Breast Cancer, Dementia, Lukemia, Brain and Lung Cancers, PTSD, ALS, Arthritis, Autism & more

No study has ever shown cannabis to cause any brain damage But some studies have shown benefits to your brain.