Even the TSA appreciates my message!

January 24, 2020

  Look, I could go on and on with my messages that you've already heard. How about we get the reaction of a TSA worker when he finds them in my luggage?

The reactions of real everyday people stuck in jobs they cannot possibly enjoy, and through taxation are undercompensated for, is probably the most amazing type of all the expriences I have while campaigning.
I gave this guy free merch because he liked my message! get yours here: https://behrman2020.com/merch
I hope to see you at the Arizona Convention tomorrow!
Due to The Great Hat-roversy of 2020 we are holding another funds drive vote to decide whether or not I should test-pilot the Tuscon, AZ convention on 1/25/2020 hatless!
The deal is I will leave the hat behind when I go to the next convention if hat opposition can raise more funds than those who support my hat by midnight Friday. However, if Pro-Hatness out-votes the mad anti-hatters, His Royal Hatness stays with me regardless of the opposing vote. Click the picture to find and follow my hat on Facebook!
Use the first link below to fight against my hat! Use the second link below to endorse my hat!
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