Trump's new tax will hurt every American

May 31, 2019
Trump has been talking about and implementing tariffs for a while. So it's no shocking news that he has a new one. Yesterday, Trump announced a new tariff on all goods coming from Mexico. Keep in mind, that's where we get a lot of our food, which will affect everyone. This tariff is threatened to increase over time, if people do not obey his demands. I know we have our differences on immigration for various reasons, but consider this: every American will feel the cost of this tariff, if a group of people do not comply with the demands.
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DFW Global Marijuana March

May 13, 2019
Saturday, May 11th was DFW Marijuana March. A march to end cannabis prohibition and the drug war, saw the inclusion of many other organizations. Civil rights organizations like FIJA, the Fully Informed Jury Association was there to promote the use of jury nullification as a weapon against the drug war.  This event was an amazing step in the right direction. A police escort of over 100 officers blocked traffic for a march from Burnett park to the Tarrant County Courthouse, while hundreds,...
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Our campaign was featured in Fortune Magazine's web article

April 16, 2019
Today we were featured in an article by Fortune magazine. This is great news! While some have pointed out that this article wasn't truly favoring the campaign, it's still a huge benefit. We now have a mainstream media outlet referencing our campaign objectives, quoting “Any person should be free to live their life however they prefer, so long as they don’t hurt others and don’t take their stuff", "ending the Fed", "legalizing pineapple pizza", and most importantly, they included by full name Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman.
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Porcupine Perspective

February 18, 2019
Today I was interviewed on the Porcupine Perspective, a Libertarian podcast. Listen to the full broadcast here!
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